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The shuttle bus can be used for large groups of 15 to 30 people and costs between 110 and 160 dollars per hour, but the cheapest option is for events. The shuttle bus service from Newark Airport to East Orange, New Jersey, will vary from Thursday to Sunday, over 160 hours per Sunday, and will vary from city to city and state to state.

The NJ Transit Brick Church train station is also just minutes away, making it easy to get to the nearby area. Guests will also find many attractions nearby, including the New Jersey Museum of Natural History and the East Orange Museum, and it is easy to explore the area as there are local buses and train stations, while New York City is just a 30-minute train ride away. The place is very convenient as it is only a few blocks from Newark Airport and Newark International Airport, but it is also close enough to Newark to facilitate transportation and commuting. Guests may also have found it very convenient to visit many other nearby attractions, such as the Jersey State Fair, which is located nearby.

At the entrance to the park on Glenwood Avenue, there is an ice cream truck selling popsicles and other sweet treats. If you are looking for a school bus rental in East Orange, this company can help you find one for you. Of course, you can also bring your own food and snacks, but EastOrange charter buses will take you to some of the area's best attractions and facilities, including those listed below.

An experienced driver will take you to a specific location and recommend parking spaces that might be of interest to your group. The toilets are located in the parking lot of the park, so you do not have to venture too far for a little break. The Spray Park is open from 11 am to 4 pm on weekends, but if you want to grab a spot in the shade, you should arrive early.

The fun water features include fish - shaped buckets and geysers that send the water sky high - and beautiful music is played over and over again. This 360 hectare park offers picturesque views and is an ideal place to spend time with family and friends. Conveniently located amenities and interesting attractions are a great way to enjoy East Orange on a regular basis. With a charter bus in EastOrange New Jersey, you can create more memories with your group throughout the trip.

The Turtle Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in East Orange New Jersey and is located in the 20-acre South Mountain Reservation. Founded in 1963, the zoo was originally a showcase for animals from New York and was open all year round. Today, it houses species from all continents except Antarctica. Located in the heart of EastOrange, a short drive from the Jersey coast, this zoo is open year-round and offers a variety of animal exhibits and educational programs.

The place is also very well located, and the list is one of the most popular attractions in East Orange New Jersey. The North Elizabeth train station, which takes you to New York City in less than an hour, is a few minutes "walk away or you can find the bus station just one block away. Located in the heart of EastOrange, a short drive from the Jersey coast, this hotel also serves as a bus stop and is within walking distance of the North Jersey State Fairgrounds and other attractions.

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