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The East Orange Hall of Fame will be held at the East Orange Performing Arts School on Saturday, June 4, 2017. EastEnders School of Performing Arts is no stranger to celebrity and glamour, with its annual New Jersey State Fair and New York State Film Festival.

Our goal is to provide a competitive athletic program that represents East Orange Campus High School in a dignified manner, and we will provide it in an impeccable manner. We strive to achieve the highest level of excellence in the development of our students - athletes in their physical, mental, ethical and social development. Our mission to develop physically, mentally, ethically and socially will enable our students and athletes to strengthen themselves in physical and mental as well as ethical / social developments. This is in addition to our commitment to provide them with the best educational opportunities available in terms of academic, sporting, social, cultural and cultural opportunities.

In the autumn season 1 girls volleyball, men's basketball, women's football and men's basketball are played. Wrestling will move to Season 3 along with girls' volleyball, while wrestling will move to Season 3 with girls' volleyball. The football season at East Orange New Jersey High School is scheduled to begin on March 1, 2021, with the start of the 2017-18 school year.

East Orange New Jersey High School (EOHS), which opened in 2007, is a public high school with a student population of about 2,000. For most of its existence, the school was run as a turtle zoo, which is the largest zoo in the state with more than 1,500 animals and more than 100 species.

Eagles team competes in the New Jersey State High School Athletic Association (NJSHSAA) and the state's highest high school football league.

The 1975 team is known as the East Orange Express because it scored over 100 points in eight games, including four consecutive games at the start of the season. After finishing fourth in their first year at the New Jersey State High School Athletic Association (ECT), they won the 1973 Group 3 State Championship against North Burlington High School and went on to win the Group 4 State Championship against Neptune. They lost to Central in the Essex County Championship, but won both the Big Ten and Essex County Championship in what is still the most scoreless game in the history of the ECET. In the 1975 season they left the race with a high result, won the State Championship match of group 3 against South Brunswick and then the State Championship match of class A against Neptune, before they won a State Championship match of group 2 against Neptune and the State Championship match against Central and Neptune.

Tom Dean would go on to earn numerous awards and recognition for his coaching achievements, and East Orange would be one of the few programs in New Jersey history to win back and regain the state football championship in 1967 and 1968. Their win over Montclair this year is considered the most exciting game of high school football ever played. It was a legacy cemented by their victory in the 1975 international against Neptune in front of more than 1,000 spectators.

East Orange High School is a comprehensive public community school that teaches ninth and 12th graders. It opened its doors on July 1, 1967 as the first public school in East Orange, New Jersey, and is one of the oldest high schools in North Jersey.

The high school they attended allowed black students to use it only on Fridays as a pool to use after class. Essex Catholic opened in East Orange, N.J., in the fall of 1967, until the archdiocese closed it down after the 1979-80 school year. On January 7, 1980, Brother James R. Kelly, principal, announced to the student body and faculty in a surprise announcement that the school would move from Essex County, New Jersey, to EastOrange, N.J., in the following school years. In the autumn of 1980 it was reopened as an all-black school with a new building and new facilities.

Leon Jones started his first game as a senior at halftime, and the Jersey Sports Zone was there as he led his team to a victory over Lakewood. The two were the best basketball team in New Jersey last season and delivered one of the last games JSZ delivered in the 2020 winter season. East Orange was derailed at home by Lakewood, snapping a 39-game winning streak and denying it its fourth straight state championship.

Coach Dean earned his first New Jersey start and was awarded the team award for his team's performance in the NJSIAA championship game against Lakewood. Coach Dean was also ranked # 2 for the first time in his coaching career, finishing second in all of New York State and first in All-Jersey. Hinton, who is known for his leadership skills, showed the nation what a footballer in Jersey can do.

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