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The Cambria Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in East Orange, New Jersey, and the only one in the state with a restaurant.

The room is very convenient and is just steps from the NJ Transit Brick Church and the train station, both minutes away, making it easy to get to the nearby area. Guests will also be able to easily get around the area as there are local buses and train stations, while New York City is only 30 minutes away by train. There is also space in the room to facilitate transportation, it is a short walk from the subway and bus stops in East Orange, New Jersey. The room was very useful for our guests and also for the hotel staff.

The place is also very well located and you can reach the North Elizabeth train station, which will take you to New York City in less than an hour, a few minutes on foot or by bus from the bus stops. Guests will also find many attractions nearby, including the New Jersey Museum of Natural History, Garden State Park and the Statue of Liberty, as well as many other attractions in the East Orange area.

If you love history and architecture, you should visit Thomas Edison National Historical Park, which houses many historical artifacts and archives. Children will enjoy visiting the Jersey Explorer Children's Museum, which offers interactive and educational exhibits that adults will enjoy, as well as the New Jersey State Museum.

If you do, make sure to take a trip to the Orange Reservoir, which is particularly impressive in autumn. See satellite images below for East Orange and explore some of the beautiful views of New Jersey's largest lake, the Hudson River.

In addition, the hosts are also willing to help guests with everything they need and arrange for you to pick up and drop off at Newark Airport for only $10. There are several ways to link to this map, including searching for another map or using our website. If you find an offer you want, we can also provide a link for your airline or travel agent to book directly with them.

To find the cheapest car hire in East Orange, you can search through over 500 approved car rental companies. Browse various websites and compare prices to find a good deal on a car for your next trip to New Jersey or New York City. We will do a quick comparison of the prices of some of the different car rental companies in the area and compare them with other options.

You can compare the rates of the leading car rental companies in East Orange, New Jersey and New York City. There is no need to get transportation anywhere, and hotels are okay, but the Days Inn should cost you $89. Luxury hotels, including luxury hotels in the area such as the Hilton Garden Inn and the Marriott Hotel, are listed separately.

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With room for two, private rooms and apartments are ideal for couples or solo travelers visiting the Elizabeth, New Jersey area. One-bedroom apartments cost between $1,050 and $2,500 per month, and two-bedroom apartments between $1,500 and $3,800. Discover the area in and around Elizabeth and New York City, and the East Orange area of Cambria West Orange.

When visiting East Orange, you may be overwhelmed by all the sights and activities, but you can spend a whole day exploring all that this beautiful city has to offer. Take advantage of the proximity to New York City and visit the many restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and hotels in and around the city. If you plan to visit in summer, you should definitely plan ahead, as this is the peak season for tourism. With so many opportunities to see and do in Ostorange, you can see everything there is to visit in summer and take advantage of the summer as the high season of tourism.

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More About East Orange